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Spitz Lift

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SpitzLift Aluminum Van Cranes are designed and engineered to be the ideal lifting solution for work vans.

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4-Foot DC Powered SpitzLift

  • Designed and engineered to be payload efficient (completely installed – total payload to vehicle is less than 100 lbs.)
  • Crane weighs less than 40 lbs . No additional reinforcement or crane pedestals are required.
  • SpitzLift cranes are load-tested and arrive pre-assembled with load-test certification.
  • SpitzLift cranes can easily be moved from vehicle to vehicle and/or used in other off-vehicle applications.
  • ASME and OSHA compliant.
  • Spec bid documents are available upon request.


Pickup Solution for Truck and Trailer

Building Applications

SpitLift is utilized for facility maintenance at universities, commercial buildings, and manufacturing plants. With its lightweight aluminum design, it can be easily moved from one application to another. SpitzLift is designed and manufactured to be used for indoor and outdoor applications.

We work with architects and engineers to integrate SpitzLifts into building applications.

Our roof wall saddle system is designed to clamp over tilt-up walls. We also offer vertical and horizontal mounting pockets for standard applications. It is adapted to be used on the floor, workbenches, walls, and on rooftops. *Meets OSHA and ASME standards.

SpitzLift cranes solution

Trailer Applications

Several mounting solutions for trailers are available for easy integration of SpitzLift cranes. Install multiple mounts around the perimeter of the trailer and have the ability to work off both sides of the trailer.

SpitzLift cranes solution

Marine/Boat Applications

SpitzLift cranes are made of marine grade materials to withstand the harsh marine conditions. SpitzLift cranes are used on military vessels, fireboats, rescue boats, patrol boats, and recreational boats. SpitzLift cranes are a value-add for the overall mission of any vessel and are an invaluable tool to assist with maintenance and repairs.

Spitzlift Truck Cranes
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