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At Camco Wheel & Axle we understand that you need the right vehicle with the right specs to get the job done. That’s why our commercial van upfit services are designed to make your vehicles the tool you need for optimal function and efficiency.

Our products are designed to stand the test of time while staying within your budget guidelines. We take great pride in partnering with business owners and offering sound advice to make sure they are getting only what they need and ask for. Our van and commercial truck upfitting services will help to turn your work vehicle into an asset that will help to improve the quality of your business and services.

Camo Wheel & Axle offers clients throughout the McAllen metro and South Texas area a wide range of upfitting products to enhance your business van or truck including but not limited to:

  • Toolboxes
  • Storage racks
  • Ladder racks
  • Shelving and accessories
  • Storage bins
  • Partitions
  • Wire window screens
  • Back up cameras
  • GPS units
  • Winches
  • Brush guards
  • Portable cranes
  • Hitches
  • Van drawers

If you’re looking to improve your carrying capacity or simply need to organize your equipment to prevent damage, the Van Upfitting Service Department at Camco Wheel & Axle can get your commercial van or vehicle prepped and ready to hit the road once again.

Contact Camco Wheel & Axle today at (956) 781-4800 to find out more about our Commercial Van and Vehicle Upfitting services. Camco Wheel & Axle serves the McAllen metro area and the Greater Rio Grande Valley.

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