Rear View Safety

Rear View Safety

A backup camera system solves that problem, providing them with vision in areas where mirrors cannot. Backup camera systems also give drivers full coverage when they are in reverse. This decreases their chances of getting into a serious accident. Provided by

Rear View Safety

Why get a backup camera system installed into my utility truck or commercial van?

You may feel confident having your field team using only their interior and exterior rearview mirrors to maneuver in tight situations. But as we are sure you are aware of, these mirrors have blind spots.


Safety aside, there are a bevy of other benefits that a backup camera system can provide. A backup camera system can:

  • Help you hook up to a trailer.
  • Help you when you parallel park.
  • Prevent you from backing up over someone.
Backup Camera Systems for Vehicles

Rear View Safety

What should I look for when purchasing a backup camera system?

  • View Angle – Simply put, the wider your camera view angle is, the more vision you’ll have when reversing.
  • Image Sensor Technology – Currently, there are two types of image sensors on the market:
    • Charge-Coupled Device (CCD) – This type of sensor provides the best picture.
    • Metal Oxide Semiconductor (CMOS) – This type of sensor provides the best functionality.
  • Electric Voltage Rating – This rating informs the purchaser of the appliance, in this case, the backup camera system, what voltage the item is designed to use and the electrical current consumption at that voltage. While most backup cameras should be fine should your voltage fluctuate, it’s always in your best interest to review your vehicle’s manual and your product instructions to see if they are compatible with each other.
Backup Camera Systems for Vehicles


Our flagship backup camera system has been keeping our customers safe for over a decade. The rear camera system includes a crisp 7” LED color monitor with optional distance grid lines, normal/mirror image capability, and a built-in speaker.

The RVS-770613-NM also includes a Sharp® CCD backup camera with 18 infra-reds allowing for 50 feet of night vision, an ultra-wide 130° viewing angle, and a built-in mic. This extremely tough backup camera is completely waterproof with an IP69K rating, and comes with a 20G vibration rating, and a 100G shock rating, which is the highest in the industry.

Backup Camera Systems for Vehicles


Most 360 systems help just for parking and tight driving situations. Our new 360+ helps with lane changing and highway driving as well! A bird’s eye view around your vehicle is great, but the view is limited to just a couple of feet. The optional side cameras greatly increase your view, allowing for easy lane changes and completely eliminating side blind spots. Customize your system with the item options.

Backup Camera Systems for Industrial Vehicles


This commercial grade backup camera is the clearest and greatest camera available on the market today. It boasts a 410,000 pixel 2.5 mm lens with 18 infra-red illuminators which enable you to see in total darkness and a built in microphone which enables you to hear what is behind you. The backup camera is completely weatherproof with an IP69K rating, strong and reliable, shock resistant with a 20G vibration and 100G impact rating (highest in the industry) and comes with a full year warranty.

Camera comes with cable (select length from dropdown) and the option for a 5 Pin connection (to connect to our systems) or an RCA adapter (to connect to an external display).

Rear View Safety Waterproof Backup Camera with Infra-red Night Vision
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